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Doulton®... The Fresh, Safe Alternative to Costly Bottled Water!

"Till tought by pain, man really know not what good water's worth." - Lord Byron

Doulton Ceramic water filtersOnly a finite quantity of fresh water is available on earth. Nature's hydrological water cycle strives relentlessly to replenish the supply, but modern society is constantly polluting this water and our water may no longer be regarded as dependably wholesome.

Absolutely pure water now rarely occurs naturally. Ideally drinking water should be wholesome and physically attractive, free from all harmful bacteria and have a chemical content which will promote the health of the consumer.

The Problem

The World Health Organization has laid down two standards for public water quality. One is regarded as essential minimum and the other a desirable standard.

Many water supplies worldwide fail to reach either standard.

Whether water is drawn straight from a well, stream, lake or has been processed by a modern treatment plant, it can still contain bacteria, toxins, metals and other pollutants. The causes are various, the results dire. Annually, millions of people contract severe illness from their drinking water, and many die.

Drinking Water... A World Wide Concern

Water tables are no respecters of frontiers. Whether supply is plentiful or scarce, in the old, new or developing world, the need for drinking water remains.

Setting The Standard

Today, Doulton water purifiers are sold in over 140 countries where Doulton is a household name, synonymous with clean, healthy drinking water.

Doulton drinking water purifiers assure you of clean, safe, fresh tasting drinking water.

The finest water purifiers and water filters manufactured since 1827. Picture of the Atriflo system Taste. Everything you prepare using pure water will look and taste outstandingly better. Doulton water improves the flavor of tea and coffee, juices, soups and cooking in general. Even ice cubes are more appealing.

Convenience. No worries about the source of bottled water. No heavy bottles to lift and store. No more time-consuming home deliveries. Fresh and delicious water at the touch of your fingers.

Economical. Consider the Doulton water purifier as an investment. For only a few cents a gallon, you receive an endless supply of safe, fresh, better tasting water for drinking and cooking, at a fraction of what you pay for bottled water.

Environmental. 100% totally natural purification principle. No electricity required (operates on your mains water pressure), no water waste, no energy consumption, no flat, stale taste as encountered with reverse osmosis or distillers.

Bottled Water vs. Doulton Water

bottled waterdoulton water

1.5 Liter = $1.00 and more vs. 4 Liters = 10 cents and less

Yes, less than ten cents per gallon for highest quality drinking water!

Switch from bottled water to a Doulton water purifying system and do away with . . .

  • High Cost
  • Inconvenience
  • Flat, Stale Taste
  • Contamination
  • Water Rationing
  • Storage

The pedigree

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